Adventure Time Loui
Alone Time, Self-Reflection & Exploring Alaska

Mom’s out of town, so it’s time to reflect on life and spend some time alone! It has been a really good few weeks on my own though , of course, I miss my mom!

– Loui

Original Title: I was left ALONE in ALASKA!
Adventure Time Loui YouTube Channel
Ref Note

This is one of my favorite Adventure Time Loui videos. Hearing her describe the silence reminds me of a tv story I saw a number of years ago about a young couple who created a documentary about their journey following a heard of Antelope on their migration across Alaska. They also mentioned the silence. I believe they said that they found the silence almost deafining after not hearing any sounds other than their voices for so long.

Its kind of hard to imagine that kind of silence, but I would like to visit Alaska one day and experience it for myself, just to find out what it is like!