Lupita Nyong’o Breaks Down 13 Looks From the Oscars to Black Panther | Life in Looks | Vogue
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Lupita Nyong’o Breaks Down 13 Looks From the Oscars to Black Panther | Life in Looks | Vogue
Vogue YouTube Channel

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Ever since Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar-winning breakthrough role in 12 Years A Slave, the actor has masterfully harnessed red carpet fashion as a way to express herself. There have been powerful nods to her heritage over the years, like when she paired an African-style head wrap with a colorful Carolina Herrera gown. Or when, for her second Vogue cover, she returned to her ancestral homeland in Kenya and donned a Chanel dress. Watch as the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actor reflects on some of her most memorable red carpet moments.

00:00 – 2011 – Yale School of Drama
01:10 – 2014 – Golden Globes
01:46 – 2014 – Academy Awards
03:08 – 2014 – NAACP Awards
03:57 – 2014 – Met Gala
05:14 – 2014 – Vogue Cover
06:33 – 2016 – Queen of Katwe Premiere
07:22 – 2016 – Vogue Cover
07:51 – 2019 – Us
08:11 – 2019 – Met Gala
08:47 – 2020 – Black is King
09:37 – 2021 – Met Gala
09:57 – 2022 – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Director: Araeia Robinson
Director Of Photography: Michelle Clementine
Editor: Alana McNair
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Associate Director, Creative Development, Vogue: Alexandra Gurvitch
Associate Producer: Courtney Walden
Cam Op: Martel McCornell
Gaffer: Justin Jemerson
Set Design: Simone Moscovitch
Set Design Assistant: Tyler Lorita
Audio: Chris Omae
Production Assistant: Phillip Arliss
Production Assistant: Sam Schardt
Filmed at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel
Lupita Nyong’o at Yale University Photograph by: T CHARLES ERICKSON
Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar
Production Manager: Kit Fogarty
Senior Director, Production Management: Jessica Schier
Director, Video Talent: Lauren Mendoza
Supervising Editor: Kameron Key
Associate Director, Post Production :Nicholas Ascanio
Director of Content, Vogue: Rahel Gebreyes
Senior Director, Programming, Vogue: Linda Gittleson
Executive Producer: Ruhiya Nuruddin
VP, Digital Video English, Vogue: Thespena Guatieri

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