LeBron James | What Are You Working On (E24) | Nike
Nike YouTube Channel

LeBron James | What Are You Working On (E24) | Nike
Nike YouTube Channel

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From the moment LeBron James was put under the spotlight, he has worn his hometown of Akron, Ohio on his sleeve. And no matter where his storied career has taken him since those early days at St. Vincent St. Mary’s High School, he never strayed far from his roots. Now, 20 years in, LeBron is still working relentlessly to provide a path for the next generation coming out of that same community.

Our new series “What Are You Working On” uncovers the works in progress happening around the world, as told through the lens of athletes who are navigating new journeys in and beyond their sport.

20 years into an iconic career, LeBron James is working on reshaping the city that shaped him.

0:00 LeBron
0:44 Akron From the Passenger Seat
1:20 House Three Thirty
3:05 Where it all began
4:00 I Promise Institute

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