Ep. 2 – Story Of Iman | Supreme Models
Vogue YouTube Channel

Ep. 2 – Story Of Iman | Supreme Models
Vogue YouTube Channel

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The 1970s and the Battle of Versailles. Casting agents, celebrities, fashion designers, magazine editors, and top models discuss the impact and importance of the Battle of Versailles and how Black models conquered the runways of Europe while fighting racism in advertising and fashion in America. Examined are the careers, friendship, and lives of trailblazers Bethann Hardison and Iman.

Supreme Models is a 6-part documentary. New episodes premiere Mondays.

Music Featured:
“I’m That”
Written by Thamar Noel, Edvin Danelian, Karen Petrosyan, Rhapsody and Michael Anthony Nathan Jr.
Performed by TeaMarrr
Courtesy of Raedio

Written by Kenneth Robert Vasoli and Ryan Zimmaro
Performed by Vacationer
Courtesy of Beatclub

“Bad Habits”
Written by Kiran Gandhi and Zach Witness
Performed by Madame Gandhi
Courtesy of Sony Masterworks
By arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment

“Game Face”
Written by Jamie Shield
Performed by MNKN
Courtesy of Beatclub

“Stick Up Kid”
Written by Payton Augustus Long
Performed by Raedio
Courtesy of Raedio

“Die Dia”
Written by Mate J
Performed by Dasona
Courtesy of MicDrop

“Into You”
Written and performed by Paul Pacey
Courtesy of ALIBI Music

“Rising Up”
Written and performed by Brent Lindsay
Courtesy of ALIBI Music

0:00 Intro
0:32 The 1970’s: The Next Step
3:01 The Battle Of Versailles
7:57 Bethann Hardison’s Story
10:22 Iman, the Icon
16:24 Black Foundation
18:56 Halima Aden’s Story

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