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  1. A crowd cheers former President Obama as he leaves the Cardboard Box Restaurant in Oak Bluffs, MA. The restaurant also stated on their Facebook Page that it was an honor to serve the Obamas and friends, but it is hard to tell if that is Michelle in the video. The Martha's Vineyard Times reports that, according to multiple sources, former President Obama arrived on Saturday, and is expected to be on-Island for much of August. The Obamas vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard during his presidency.
  2. NoirNerds.com

    LeBron James opens the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio

    CNN: Lebron James opens elementary school, guarantees college tuition to graduates
  3. LeBron James full speech at opening of I Promise School in Akron, Ohio
  4. Tiny House Event, Decatur GA - Jewel Pearson, Part 1 Tiny House Event, Decatur GA - Jewel Pearson, Part 2
  5. NoirNerds.com

    About NoirNerds.com

    NoirNerds.com is a blogging platform where nerds of color, and the world, can blog their interests.
  6. NoirNerds.com


    NoirNerds is a blogging platform where nerds of color, and the world, can blog their interests, ideas & opinions.
  7. Jewel D. Pearson shares an African-American couple’s bus conversion project on tinyhousetrailblazers.com: In The Spotlight: Quincey and Romania Myers
  8. The partnership will allow rising Howard University juniors and seniors to receive instruction from senior Google Engineers and Howard faculty at Google’s Googolplex in Mountain View, CA. The program kicks off in summer, 2017. More information can be found at the following link: Google Partners with Howard University to Open Howard West
  9. Emory University, in Atlanta GA., is offering students a course in "The Power of Black Self-Love". The article, on Blavity.com, can be reached by clicking the link in the tweet, or by clicking the link below.Emory University is offering students a course in "The Power of Black Self-Love"
  10. Visually impaired Assemblage Artist, Dominique Moody, presents "The Nomad", a sustainable small footprint mobile housing solution, utilizing reclaimed materials, products designed for alternative livable dwellings and solar energy.
  11. Tiny House Expedition visited Charlotte, NC, and sat down with the vibrant Jewel Pearson, better known as Ms Gypsy Soul. Jewel shared insights into her journey to tiny living, including the ups & downs of her build, working with the city and finding the just-right parking spot.
  12. This is the subject of an interesting post at tinyhousetrailblazers.com. Where are all the black people in the tiny house movement?
  13. NoirNerds.com

    What Is Pretty?

    A very interesting, informative and thought-provoking video by vblogger, Chime (HairCrush), about societal beauty standards and their origins.

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