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Carol’s Daughter Launches A Game Changer: Wash Day Delight A New Water-To-Foam Shampoo With Micellar Technology And Aloe

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Carol’s Daughter, a leading brand in the natural hair care space, is transforming the way you wash your hair and making “wash day” a little more delightful. At first glance, new Wash Day Delight appears to be water. But, it’s actually a unique shampoo that combines the cleansing power of Micellar technology with natural aloe — for a fast acting, deep cleanse that doesn’t compromise softness on even the curliest and coil-iest of textures.

“Wash Day” typically describes the day of the week – usually a Sunday- that Black women dedicate to the ritual of washing their hair. With millions of views on YouTube and close to half a million tags on Instagram, #WashDay is part of the conversation for naturalistas everywhere. Often times, it is known to be time-consuming but with the introduction of this revolutionary new water-to-foam shampoo, Carol’s Daughter is doing the unexpected—providing a superior clean, all the while cutting down on time for a more enjoyable wash experience.

Wash Day Delight makes this possible with fast-acting Micellar Technology—known for gentle yet effective cleansing—which acts like a magnet to attract and lift away buildup for a thorough hair and scalp cleanse, without harsh friction or stripping.  Additionally, this unique formula is blended with aloe which prevents tangles, meaning less time detangling later.  Consumers who have previewed new Wash Day Delight, can’t stop raving about it and how moisturized, defined and clean their hair feels, all in record time!

“When I started Carol’s Daughter 27 years ago, I took to natural ingredients and created hair and body care recipes from my heart and soul,” states Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter. “New Wash Day Delight comes with hair care and self-care at its heart.  This formula contains more than 98% naturally derived ingredients and combines them with modern Micellar technology – leaving hair thoroughly but gently cleansed and soft.”

Wash Day Delight transforms into a gentle foam that effortlessly lathers and works through the hair via the targeted applicator. It minimizes tangles and quickly rinses clean so there’s no added weight from residue left behind. Simply wet hair and use the pointed tip to target the scalp, then gently massage into scalp and hair working into a lather through the mid-lengths to ends, rinse, condition and done!

Wash Day Delight is vegan and contains no sulfates, parabens, silicones or artificial colors. The new innovation is available on, and retailers nationwide starting at $10.99.

Wash Day Delight is just the first of several new launches to come in 2020 for Carol’s Daughter. For more information about Carol’s Daughter, visit or follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In 1993, encouraged by my mother, Carol, I began creating high-quality products made with love in my Brooklyn kitchen. As family and friends experienced how these products transformed their hair and skin, I knew that I was onto something good. I needed a name for my company, so I made a list of everything I was and everything I wanted to be, and I realized that the most special thing that I am is Lisa, Carol’s Daughter.
Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter Founder



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