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Afro Sheen, the Iconic Hair Styling Brand for ALL Afro Textured Hair, Launches Nine New Products For the First Time in 20 Years

New formulas and technology made with today’s strong men and women in mind

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ATLANTA, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Afro Sheen became popular in the late 60’s as the original hair care line for naturally curly hair dedicated to making superior products for African-American men and women with curly hair textures. As a brand that has celebrated and symbolized Black love, heritage and unity from the beginning, Afro Sheen continues to encourage African-Americans to embrace their natural beauty today with the launch of nine new products all formulated with today’s hair styles in mind. The new collection will be available in stores and online beginning in January 2020.

Afro Sheen quickly became a household name for African-Americans in the late sixties and early seventies when afro styles, Soul Train and the mantra “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” rang through households everywhere. Men and women alike used Afro Sheen products to celebrate the naturally coarse, kinky textures of their hair, most popularly worn in afro hairstyles of all sizes. Fast-forward to today, the iconic natural hair care brand is relaunching in 2020. Afro Sheen is reimagining hair care for the kinky curly community of today. From waves to tight coils, all crowns can achieve great styling with this new line of versatile, styling products.

“Our hair is a pivotal element in our self-expression and cultural identity,” shares Kelly Keith, Vice-President of Marketing, Afro Sheen. “This mission to maintain our authentic, unapologetic, and influential nature is critical for Afro Sheen. Our new collection is designed to keep hair moisturized, defined, and healthy – for all textures and styles. Nine all new products, formulations, and packaging reflect the evolved consciousness and needs for today’s culture creator.”

Afro Sheen is a cultural heritage brand. Established at a time when people of color were forming their authentic selves, it helped them mold, bend, and coil their outward appearance to more accurately reflect their inner sheen. Deeply rooted in the community, quality and multi-purpose products, Afro Sheen enables personality, pride, and personal style to shine through hair care. The brand-new product line is versatile and curated with both men and women equally in mind to achieve styles like braid-outs, rod sets, protective styles, locs, beard care, tapered cuts and grooming with straight forward multi-benefit haircare. Styling is king here and whether you wear your hair big and free or tamed and neat, Afro Sheen provides products that empower you to be your authentic self and push the culture forward one kinky, curly, coil at a time.

Launching at major retailers and fine beauty stores in January 2020, the new collection from Afro Sheen will include nine affordable premium quality products. All products are designed to deliver hydration and definition to flaunt the versatility and beauty of all hair textures The collection’s key staple ingredients include Coconut Oil for conditioning, Shea Butter for moisture, and Flax Seed Oil for nourishment.

  • Afro Sheen Lush ‘Fro Butter – ($7.99; 4 oz) This multipurpose ‘fro butter nourishes, hydrates, softens, and adds shine to hair, scalp, and beards. Perfect for conditioning hair from dry and brittle to soft and supple.
  • Afro Sheen Texture Setting Cream Gel – ($7.99; 12 oz) This unique cream-gel hybrid enhances your natural coil and curl pattern providing superior hydration, curl definition, and shine. Gives a long-lasting hold with no flakes.
  • Afro Sheen Crown Defining Curl Cream – ($7.99; 12 oz) No matter your hair pattern, define your curls and kinks for any type of style. This curl defining cream helps bring the most out of your crown with a non-greasy formula that defines and hydrates. Perfect for twist-outs, braid-outs, finger coils, rod sets, and wash and go’s.
  • Afro Sheen Slick Back Cream Styler – ($7.99; 6 oz) This non-greasy, non-flaking cream styler is developed to smooth the hairline for sleek styles. Great for holding down flyaways and slicking back the hair into buns, ponytails, top knots, afro puffs, and more.
  • Afro Sheen Texture Flexing Foam – ($7.99; 8.5 oz) Great for wet and dry sets, twist-outs, and rod-sets, this texture foam defines and sets hair, adding shine and conditioning all in one step.
  • Afro Sheen Glow Up Shine Spray – ($7.99; 6 oz) Reminiscent of the iconic original sheen spray, the Afro Sheen Glow Up Shine Spray finishes any style with a healthy shine. Packaged in an environmentally friendly airless pump, this spray gives a fine, continuous mist that is gentler on the atmosphere than traditional hair sprays.
  • Afro Sheen Velvet Flow 4-IN-1 Leave-In Spray – ($7.99; 8 oz) This leave-in conditioner works as a detangler and curl refresher, moisturizing curls and coils and protecting against heat.
  • Afro Sheen ‘Fro Out Blow Out Spray – ($7.99; 6 oz) This heat protectant comes packed with keratin aminos to smooth and add brilliant shine to textured hair while protecting against heat damage.
  • Afro Sheen 3-IN-1 Nourishing Oil – ($7.99; 6 oz) The Afro Sheen 3-IN-1 Nourishing Oil works as a treatment for hair, scalp, and beards. * Exclusive to Walgreens.

Afro Sheen products will be available in stores and online at, Walgreens, Sally Beauty and Walmart in 2020. The Afro Sheen 3-IN-1 Nourishing Oil will be available exclusively at Walgreens.

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