Friday, March 1, 2024

Extra Theme – How to change body link color

You can change the Extra Magazine Theme body link color by navigating to the following location and entering your color of choice: Theme Customizer > General Settings > Typography Settings > Body Link Color Source:

VidMov Theme Documentation

You can find VidMov Theme Documentation at the url below:

VidoRev Theme Documentation

You can find VidoRev Theme Documentation at the url below:!/documenter_cover

Olympus Theme – How to fix Aside Menu icons not showing

In my case, the menu icons were present, but not showing on the menu. What solved this problem for me was editing, or re-selecting the menu icon and then saving it by executing the following steps Go to Menus Select the aside menu to edit Click a menu item to expand Then look at the […]

X Theme Pro: How to display post tags at the end of posts

I am using the X Theme Pro Ethos Stack on my X Theme Pro development site, and tags I entered were not displaying on posts. Entering the following code on the X Theme Pro child theme’s functions.php file solved the problem for me. // Add tags after the content for Ethos // ============================================================================= function add_ethos_post_tags(){ […]

JNews Theme: How to enable WPBakery for posts

In JNews, WPBakery in posts is turned off by default.  To turn it on, add the code below to the theme’s child theme functions.php. add_filter( ‘vc_check_post_type_validation’ , ‘jnews_vc_post_type’, 99, 2 ); function jnews_vc_post_type( $value, $type ) { if ( $type === ‘page’ || $type === ‘post’ ) { return true; } else { return false; […]