Sunday, July 21, 2024

Changing the Nikon D-40 Camera USB Setting to MTP/PTP

When preparing the Nikon D40 camera for time-lapse photography, it is first necessary to set the camera’s USB settings to MTP/PTP.

If you transfer images from the Nikon D4O camera to your computer via USB, the camera USB setting is most likely set to Mass Storage. To change the setting from Mass Storage to MTP/PTP, do the following:

Press the MENU button on the left hand side of the camera. Navigate to the SETUP MENU by pressing the navigation ring that surrounds the OK button on the right hand side of the camera. Once you are on the SETUP MENU, press OK to select On the SETUP MENU, navigate down to USB and press OK to select On the following USB screen, select MTP/PTP and press OK