Saturday, June 22, 2024

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
Entertaining movie that keeps you interested!

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow is one of the most entertaining movies that I’ve seen recently. It was a movie that I learned about and viewed on Amazon Prime, and I started watching it with no preconceived notions.

Well, the one pre-conceived notion I had was that Tom Cruise would be heroic. That notion was shattered after a few minutes of the movie. Brief spoiler alert: Don’t worry, Tom still ends up literally saving the day. It just takes him awhile to develop to that point. And that is part of what makes the movie so entertaining.

A good capsule description of the movie is: Think of the movie Groundhog Day, only with alien invaders. Tom’s character, Major William Cage, an Army PR officer, is reluctantly thrown into combat battle with alien invaders called Mimics, but what the earth forces don’t know is that certain Mimics have the ability to control time, to a degree.

When Major Cage, kills one of those Mimics in battle, he gains that ability when he is covered in the Mimic’s blood. The catch is that the ability is triggered when a Mimic with the ability dies.

After dying, the Mimic wakes up again at the beginning of the day, with full knowledge of what is going to happen. This is how the Mimics have been winning all of the battles, because they have foreknowledge of what will happen.

Now, Major Cage has this ability, and this is where his journey and the entertainment begins…